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Nimbl’s expert accountants guide and support your business from startup to exit. You can take advantage of a depth of financial expertise that’s unheard of in the cloud-based space. The bottom line? You’ll achieve your goals—on time, on budget, and with no surprises.

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Just like SaaS, or “software as a service,” Nimbl offers AaaS, or “Accounting as a Service.” You simply pay a monthly subscription fee and get regular access to your personal accounting team—CPAs, tax specialists, data analytics pros, bookkeepers and more. Whether you’re experiencing a cash crunch, need to make big decisions or are headed for a tax audit, Nimbl’s astute advice will soon become your biggest asset.

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Dave Olsen

Founder & CEO

A pioneer in the cloud accounting space, Dave is a U.S. Certified Public Accountant and a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant with an information systems, software development, and venture capital background.

He began his career as an IT and financial auditor and consultant with Ernst & Young (EY) in the California Bay Area. He left EY in 2007 to become a virtual CFO for several startups, including a venture capital fund and its portfolio companies based in both Canada and the United States.

To service multiple clients in multiple locations, he created a cloud accounting practice before he knew what cloud accounting was. He hired a few remote bookkeepers and implemented cloud technology in the early days of Netsuite and Xero. After about 10 years of word-of-mouth growth, he was ready to expand his impact and grow his practice.

Since early 2018, the company has scaled rapidly with a global, remote team. In 2019, the company was rebranded as Nimbl.

 Dave is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a master’s in information systems, and the University of Virginia with a master’s in accounting. 

When he’s not running his business, Dave is running on foot—as a jogger and hiker. He’s also a committed pedaler and loves mountain and road biking.


Shane Rowley

Co-founder & President

Shane’s an entrepreneur-turned-accountant and is recognized as an industry leading tax expert. He’s passionate about helping businesses thrive and grow. Shane believes it’s possible with creative tax planning, accurate financials, and timely decision-making.

Shane began his career in public accounting as a strategic tax specialist with Tanner LLC. He specialized in working with high net-worth individuals and preparing complex multi-state business tax returns. His breadth of tax knowledge and expertise led to numerous and successful M&A transactions.

In 2013, Shane entered the private sector and served as the CFO or CEO for three different hypergrowth companies, including the leading baby brand, Owlet Baby Care. His experience also included working in the bioscience and consumer-product industries. Altogether, Shane facilitated in raising more than $50 million in venture capital and private-equity funding to accelerate growth for each of these businesses.

In 2019, Shane partnered with Dave in the rebranding of Nimbl. Shane’s experience helped create a company that provides a solution for entrepreneurs and business owners who are lacking financial expertise and support in their businesses. Nimbl provides the affordable and sophisticated accounting automation and data analytics that gives entrepreneurs what they need to thrive and grow.

Shane received his master’s degree in accounting with an emphasis in taxation from the University of Utah. He also received his bachelor's degree in accounting from Utah Valley University. He continues to support these universities and often serves as an adjunct professor, Beta Alpha Psi advisor, and guest speaker.

Shane is married, with four children, and loves water-skiing, kitesurfing, golf, tennis, and travel. He is a big adventure seeker, who loves the thrill of bungee jumping, volcano hiking, parasailing, and scuba diving.

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With Nimbl’s team behind you, you’ll have access to a depth of expertise and technical skills that go beyond the typical service offering at most accounting firms—CPAs with tax experience, Certified Management Accountants, data analytics specialists, and an MAcc with years of accounting experience. What’s more, day-to-day managers handle your accounting, financial and tax needs efficiently, creating a seamless workflow.

You focus on the big picture.
We focus on helping you get there.

How we help you manage the money:

A client manager

who’s an experienced accountant and your primary day-to-day contact. This person oversees the bookkeeper and reports to the controller. S/he also coordinates other service providers, such as employee benefits providers and insurance brokers.


A bookkeeper

who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, or equivalent, and is responsible for ongoing data entry, reconciliations, etc.


A controller

who likely has a master’s in accounting and/or a CPA. S/he has several years of experience running accounting departments and supports the manager with an extra layer of review.

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