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What could you accomplish
if accounting were no
longer on your plate?

The Challenges
Small Businesses Face

Making the most of their accounting budget

Taylor realized his business was
spending far too much on an
accounting department for
disappointing yield. He looked into
ways to reduce this cost, but worried
about maintaining the quality and
oversight his business needed.


Freeing up work hours

As an entrepreneur, Katie was clocking long
hours on a variety of tasks — and accounting
was by far the most time-consuming. She
knew that when so much of her time was
bogged down by financial management,
growing her business would take much
longer than planned.

Understanding financial health and risk

Mike was planning a big business move,
and wanted to secure financial health and
better understand risks before taking the
leap. He needed someone experienced —
a team that knew their stu and could
give him the confidence and knowledge to
grow his business.


Don’t Overpay for Services
You Don’t Really Need

Many businesses overpay for accounting professionals they underutilize. According to the Robert Half 2020 Salary Guide, accounting teams represent a high percentage of a business’ expenses:1


Chief financial officer


Director of finance




Accounting Manager


Full-Time Bookkeeper



Get the Team You Need Without the Extra Flu

With Nimbl, you pay a monthly fee for a personal accounting team that provides only the specific services you need. Your team will be comprised of at least three financial experts:

A client manager: Your primary day-to-day contact who oversees the team.

A bookkeeper: Responsible for ongoing data entry, reconciliations, etc.

A controller: Supports the client manager and acts as an extra set of eyes.

Not Sure What Your Accounting Department Is Missing?

Nimbl identifies gaps in your current accounting team and helps you fill them by oering only the specific accounting and tax services you need.


About Nimbl

Cost has prohibited many companies from accessing the financial help they need. When you partner with Nimbl, you get an accounting department on your own terms — one composed of highly qualified financial professionals dedicated to stress-free finance management.

Why trust Nimbl?

In more than a decade of business, the Nimbl team has partnered with hundreds of clients across various industries. Our clients trust us because we have a proven, time-tested ability to manage financials for companies big and small — from brand-new startups to rganizations with over $30 million in annual revenue.

In our business, we live by our core values:

  • Operate in integrity: We are our word. We keep and honor agreements.
  • Relate with power: We create fulfilling and authentic relationships
  • Hold ourselves accountable: We hold ourselves and others accountable to performance.
  • Create the future: We are forward-thinking. We create a system at the forefront of innovation and technology.
  • Stay committed: We do what is necessary.
  • Lead with impact: We see ourselves as leaders who matter.

By Choosing Nimbl...


Taylor discovered that Nimbl provides essential
accounting services including bookkeeping,
payroll, employee benefits for far less than
companies usually pay. With Nimbl, he drastically
reduced what his business was spending
on an
accounting department, while still receiving
essential services from finance experts.

The annual cost of a Director of Finance,
Controller and Full-Time Bookkeeper:

With Nimbl:
75% - 85% off that cost


Katie found out that Nimbl understands the
unique accounting needs of any small business,
and would help keep her startup running
smoothly. She selected an experienced team of
accountants to handle her startup’s numbers,
and she was freed up to look to the future.

The annual cost of a Full-Time Bookkeeper and
Accounting Manager:

With Nimbl:
70% - 80% off that cost


Mike learned that Nimbl’s experienced team of
financial professionals can quickly jump in to
assess numbers, identifying blind spots, risks, and
areas for improvement
to give him the knowledge
to make educated business moves. With Nimbl, he
learned exactly what he needed to know about his
company’s finances and risks. He approached his
big business move with confidence, knowing that
there wouldn’t be any surprises.

The annual cost of a CFO led accounting team
with a Controller and Full-Time Bookkeeper:

With Nimbl:
65%-75% off that cost


Nimbl Is Your
New, Customized
Accounting Team

When it comes to something as important as your business’ finances, you need to know you’ve got the right people on your side. Nimbl is a company you can trust.

In other words, you can count on us. Let’s shake on it.

For a free assessment of your books, get in touch with Nimbl today.

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