May 27, 2021Quick Guide to Important 2021 Tax Deadlines

The pandemic has cast uncertainty on almost every area of our lives, and tax deadlines are no exception. Although the 2020 filing deadline has already passed, it isn’t the only deadline to know. At Nimbl, we strive to empower our clients to understand various tax deadlines, so that they aren’t scrambling to meet them. We’ve compiled a list of every tax deadline for this year so you can stay current on your taxes. 

Essential 2021 Dates and Deadlines

June 15, 2021: Second quarter 2021 estimated tax payments* due

September 15, 2021: Third quarter 2021 estimated tax payments due

October 15, 2021: Extended individual and corporate tax returns due

January 15, 2022: Fourth quarter 2021 estimated tax payments due


*Estimated Tax Payments

Who needs to estimate tax payments?

If you are self-employed or earning income from capital gains, interest, or dividends, you need to estimate tax payments. Our tax system is designed for tax contributions to be paid as businesses earn their income. To ensure this happens, businesses are required to proactively withhold tax payments. However, self-employed individuals don’t have this luxury. Ensure that your taxes are being estimated appropriately by contacting your tax partner.  

What if I miss an estimated tax payment?

If you miss an estimated tax payment, make the payment as soon as possible. The IRS still accepts late payments, but penalties and interest continue to grow after the deadline passes. You can mitigate extra fees by filing as soon as you are able.


Payroll Dates and Deadlines 

Who needs to report payroll withholding amounts?

If you are currently handling your own payroll, the deadlines below also apply to you. Since most outsourced payroll services handle this deadline, many business owners aren’t even aware of it. However, if you’re still completing your own payroll, you are required to submit a report of payroll withholdings for income tax, employer payments, Social Security, and Medicare. 

July 30, 2021: Report payroll withholdings with IRS Form 941  

October 29, 2021: Report payroll withholdings with IRS Form 941  

What is IRS Form 941 used for?

  • Adjust amounts due
  • Calculate payroll tax liability
  • Learn if taxes were overpaid or underpaid


Nimbl has you covered

Many individuals and businesses struggle managing tax deadlines, especially deadlines that aren’t as well known. At Nimbl, we manage each of these deadlines for our clients. Rest assured that we always file on time with accuracy and transparency. Contact us today for a free assessment.