Jun 02, 2021Top Must-Haves in Any Bookkeeping Service

Every business needs clean books. Period. But when having clean books comes at the expense of everything else, it’s time to outsource. Since we’ve been in the business of helping companies maintain clean books for years, we’d like to share some tips for how to pick the right bookkeeper. Here’s what to look for in your search:

  • Hire someone with attention to detail. A good bookkeeper is one who will check and re-check important transactions. They don’t let things fall through the cracks. Bookkeepers have to be vigilant at all times so that you get the best service with minimal errors. 
  • Look for someone with tax experience. An individual who has experience preparing corporate tax returns will naturally look for patterns in your books. Whether or not you elect to have your bookkeeper also file your taxes, you’ll be benefitted by hiring someone with a tax background. 
  • Keep your platforms to yourself. Many bookkeeping and accounting services have their own proprietary platforms they use to manage transactions and keep the books clean. In the long run, this is detrimental to a business. Unless you’re positive you want to stay with this bookkeeper for years to come, don’t fall for this marketing trap. Make sure all accounts are under your name. When it’s time to switch bookkeepers or upgrade your service, you’ll have a much easier transition. 
  • Don’t take the lowest bid. Sure, it’s tempting to ask each bookkeeping prospect to submit a bid and automatically take the lowest one. Cheap bookkeeping services deliver cheap results. Trust us, you’d rather pay more on the front end than to the IRS on the back end. You get what you pay for. Don’t pay for white collar mistakes. 
  • Prioritize industry experience. Picking a bookkeeper takes more than just looking at the letters behind their name. The right bookkeeper is someone with sufficient knowledge and experience in the industry you’re in. Industry knowledge is massively helpful in receiving quality service. Research the prospect’s LinkedIn profiles, references, and customer reviews to get a sense for what industry they excel in. 


If you’ve ever had the burden of running a business, you know all too well the stresses and anxieties that come with needing clean books. You clean the books, and then they become disorganized again the next week. This never-ending cycle distracts from your core competencies, which are the skills that drive your profitability. A CEO who spends time on bookkeeping is a CEO who isn’t driving growth from day to day. 


To start a conversation on outsourcing bookkeeping services, reach out to us in the chat. We’re happy to shed light on our relevant industry experience. With dozens of accountants at Nimbl, we have a person to fit your needs. Say goodbye to the headaches of bookkeeping and commit to spending time on what really makes your business unique. After all, bookkeeping never earned your business money anyway.